Projects by Category


6.01x Robots

Created $200 robots to replace 6.01 robots, which cost several thousand dollars.

POV yoyo

Prototype for a yoyo with a built-in persistence of vision display

Wifi-Enabled Robots

ESP8266 two wheel-drive robot, serving webpage with controls using SPIFF and websockets, and same for Roomba (over serial interface).


DIY Menstrual Cup

Used body-safe two-part silicone with 3d printed molds to create a menstrual cup.

Rideable Hexapod

Demo'd at NYC Maker Faire. Welded steel frame, two wheelchair motors, 24V battery pack.

18 Servo Hexapod

ABS plastic, 18 RC servos, Pololu serial servo controller. Tripod gait.


MITERS Seminar Series

Organized and co-taught workshops to introduce people to prototyping skills such as Solidworks, breadboarding, EAGLE, ordering boards, and more, reaching over fifty students.


Food Fun

Rainbow challah, challah animals, cute robot pumpkin, rainbow cookies

Sailboat Repairs

Bought a 26' sailboat off of craigslist for $100. Sailing it back to Boston (no, I'd never sailed before) with lots of help




Staubli Robot Arm Drawing

Staubli robot arm, programmed to stipple with vcode -> gcode -> processing (or alternatively via SVG Inkscape to gcode converter).